The Fav List

It’s days like these when a girl can feel run down, completely obliterated by that which haunts her. Sometimes you can’t even put a finger on it. But more often than not, it’s staring back at you every. single. day. Can’t you feel its beady little eyes watching your every move?! But for real though, that over sized monkey on your back is a stagnant wardrobe that reeks of simplicity, and brings shame to your creative muse to the point of being offensive. Stop the rot of your personal style and check out the cure that everyone agrees on: The Fav List (created by YOU!).

Quick… I bet you can’t guess number 1!!

5. Pretty in Pink Studded Jacket

leather1Now on sale for only $78!! + available in Large only so get it fast

4. Peach and Knit Top


3. Spiked Ear Cuff

ear cuff reversed$15 – available in silver and gold

2. Sea Foam Cut Out Dress

a minty$47

1. Kick Ass Studded Pumps


What product from tops your Fav List??



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