Occasionally the real world becomes dull, and reality is nothing more than an endless spin cycle of over worn, over washed, and barely tolerable clothing. It doesn’t hurt to want adventure – the kind that leaves you lost for hours at a time, with no sense of direction, and no guarantee of finding your way back. Wishing on every star in the sky may take an awful long time, but the prospect of an attainable wish is just too good to pass up. Oh, and you can leave your platforms behind for just a moment and take a stroll through a meadow filled with flowers dancing in the breeze and cute baby foxes meandering about, weaving their way in and out of your legs.

So when life becomes increasingly idle, kick it into gear, and sprinkle some magic in your average day to day schedule.

bruno_dayn_03_large tumblr_m88a8uRTVa1rsyyyao1_500 tumblr_mfrafh03yy1qznl1ao1_1280 tumblr_mfrafh03yy1qznl1ao2_1280 tumblr_mgcbycTiVc1qa5yw9o1_500 tumblr_mi2iu5f9KN1rkhcd9o1_500dreamlike-fantasy-photography-500x332tumblr_mi1vimqrYV1ry25vgo1_500



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