Things We Love This Week

I’m not trying to be the bearer of bad news, but the weekend is over. It’s time to get off of your rump and do something productive. But don’t let the Monday funk get you down. Make a list of things you totally dig. It helps shake the reminder that the weekend is still an entire work week away, and it feels pretty damn productive while you’re creating the list if you ask me.

tumblr_inline_mf9mn9NrsT1qajozzThe Ideal Summer Fridge

tumblr_mc3zqiQGfW1qa42jro1_500Hair Art

shoot1The Rainbow Rampage Dress


tumblr_mm11878Wlk1rqxcxfo1_500Giving a Bubble Wand a Good Blow

tumblr_mh2177WBnc1qe87e6o1_500This Melting Raccoon (I feel your pain lil guy – it’s supposed to be 87 degrees today!)

lisafrank1Lisa Frank Nails



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