To Do: Weekend Freak Out

Boring weekends should be banished along with morning breath, crocs, and expired milk. Have you really waited all week, putting up with your obnoxious co-workers and even more obnoxious alarm clock, only to sit your ass on the couch and watch reruns of soap operas while you stuff your face (and cleavage) with potato chip crumbs?? I’ll answer for you…NO! So take a moment to check out our MUST DO weekend list and get to it. Seriously. You only have about 48 hours to accomplish all of this.

1. Do some arts & crafts


2. Sneak into a spooky graveyard….at night


3. Run through someone else’s sprinklers


4. Pull a prank on someone


5. Drink something cute…then have a couple shots


6.  Learn the Single Ladies dance


7.  Get some cool looking nails

cool nail polish

8. Jump off a rope swing

rope swing

9.  Do some extreme pogo sticking


10. Have a silly string fight

silly string




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