Behind the Scenes: 10/13/13

Since you follow us on Instagram (you do follow us, right??), you probably saw a few snaps from our recent photoshoot! We had the ever adorable Olga in the studio – and let me tell you…from smiles to back bending poses, this girl has got it all!

We’ve compiled a handful of shots that we think summarize our evening shoot pretty well – and yes, the cheesy breadsticks were almost as drool-worthy as the clothing (which is coming soon to, duhh!).

Expect some awesome .gifs and final edits on the blog soon!


btsoct13-1 btsoct13-2 btsoct13-3 btsoct13-4 btsoct13-5 btsoct13-6 btsoct13-8 btsoct13-9 btsoct13-10 btsoct13-11 btsoct13-12(Olga the model & Chelsey the shop owner)


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