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Event: 8/4/12

Yesterday Ambry Lane attended an event! It was super windy, and we almost lost our canopy once or twice, but overall, the weather was really nice. We had a whole lot of product reserved for events only that won’t ever be on our site, and a well stocked $10 rack (that isn’t so well stocked anymore). 😉 Tons of cool chicks came by to check out our booth! If you were one of them, definitely take a picture of you wearing your new Ambry Lane products and send it on in!

Before I flood this post with photos from the event…

Ambry Lane will be out of the office Sunday – Tuesday. I’ll be gone camping! All orders placed and emails sent will be taken care of on Tuesday or Wednesday! Thanks<3

Will you come to our next event??


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Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot

Since our site is nearing completion (full redesign+new product line), it was time to dive into product pictures. It’s super exciting to use our new lighting kit which makes the editing of pictures so much easier. It was also a great time to catch up with our lovely, fashion obsessed model Stephanie Nicole too<3

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Meet some new fluffy Ambry Lane friends!

Yesterday, while on the hunt for some vintage for the shop, I spotted and fell in love with two small bunnies! My dad bought the small brown one for my mom, and my boyfriend bought the black and white one for me. They are our adorable and completely darling Valentine’s Day presents! I’m such a lucky girl!!

Curtsie is brown and Trinket is black and white.

On another note, I have two exciting projects in the works. They both involve deals for YOU!! The first will come to shape within the near future, and the other will play out during late summer/early fall. All I have left to do is to figure out the small specifics, and then I’ll let you in on the excitement!

Can’t wait!!

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Ultimate Ambry Lane Girl!

Meet Ambry Lane Girl – Miss McKaela Lola

She is an Ambry Lane girl (helping at events and appearing in our apparel section), but more importantly, she’s my best friend. Not only has she always been there for me, but she’s been a continuous inspiration to me and everyone else lucky enough to be part of her life.

I’ve known McKaela since kindergarten, back when we used to get on each other’s nerves only to make up the next moment with goofy songs under the big tree by the ball wall. I clearly remember P.E. classes where she would impress us all by ending her summersaults in graceful splits, or watching the school play to see her as the leading Little Red Riding Hood. She’s always been a performer- whether she had an entire audience watching with lit up eyes, or a single friend.

McKaela has been dancing since she was young – pre kindergarten. It was never something she was forced to do, and even as an outsider looking in, you could tell that she was in love with it. Watching her perform in competitions was magical. She kept a genuine smile on her face the entire time, moved with grace and precision, and threw herself into every step with passion.

For as long as I can remember, she’s had one goal. This goal required hard work, dedication, and even the will power to turn down a session of roller blading so that she would not injure herself.

It seemed so natural, it looked as if it just came to her. Boy, she had us all easily fooled. I know that it took her hours and hours, years and years, of work. Hard, physical work. It wasn’t easy, I’m sure she’d be the first one to tell you that. But, it made her happy, and that was worth it all.

After over a decade of blood, sweat, and tears, she’s reached her goal.

What was her goal, you may ask. To dance on a cruise ship. To perform each night in front of happy vacationers. To sail the oceans and dock on new countries.

McKaela packed up her belongings and climbed aboard her new, floating home this November. She won’t return for another year. She is PROOF, inspirational proof, that if you work hard enough you can get exactly what you want.

I am so proud of her, and I miss her every day. To me, she’s the ultimate Ambry Lane girl, and someone young girls can easily look up to. She’s amazing, and I’m so happy to say that she’s my best friend.

I think my new life motto is fitting here, because without goals, dreams, and ambitions, we’d have lack luster lives.

Don’t give up on your dreams, because they never give up on you!


PS…I love you best friend!! I miss you every day and am SOOO proud of you<3<3


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Virtually Vintage Video

My best friend, and lovely model, Miss McKaela Lola, came over  a few days ago and spotted the vintage items that are currently for sale on http://www.AmbryLane.com. She mentioned that after seeing the photos on the site, that she imagined them to be much smaller than they actually are. I know that sometimes measurements don’t give you a clear mental image, so I decided to learn how to do some simple editing, and make a video show casing a few vintage items!

You can definitely expect more videos soon, so please subscribe to the Ambry Lane Youtube Channel!

Here are some ideas currently in the works:

1. Show more products!

2. Pick a certain clothing product and show multiple ways to wear it (for multiple occasions)

3. Choose an occasion and show different outfits that can be worn to it

4. Fashion do’s and don’ts

ETC. So if you have any ideas, or if there are products you’d like to see live, please let me know!! (comment here or on the video!) The goal is to get a new video up at least once a month or every other month.

I also have some not so good news!! Due to Google’s server problems, your emails aren’t making it into our inbox at the current time. Our email, info@AmbryLane.com, is connected to a Google Mail account and it’s having a tough time converting them. For the time being, please send all mail to our Facebook or AmbryLane@gmail.com. I respond to ALL emails within 24 hours, so if you haven’t received a reply, please be patient. Or, if you’d like a speedy response, please resend your email to the address above! Thanks!!

Happy March Fashionistas!




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Become an Ambry Lane Insider!

There is so much that goes into running this business, but I won’t bore you with that long, highly detailed list. Instead, I’ll let you know how you can take part in one of the most fun jobs I have. It’s my favorite part…aside from hearing from Ambry Lane customers and fans of course. Purchasing Products. It’s quite exciting, and not only because I am a self proclaimed shopaholic either!

If I was offered the opportunity to voice my opinion to a retail shop of any kind, I would have jumped at the opportunity. It’s right up my alley 😉 DUHH. So, I am extending this offer to you girls, because sometimes I just need that second opinion!

Basically, I will be choosing TWO fashionistas based on their style, personality, and sincere lust for this position.

Duties as Fashion Consultant:
Read periodic (once a week, once a month, etc) emails with pictures of potential products attached.
Answer these three things:
1. What is your honest opinion of this item?
2. Do you think that other fashionistas will purchase it? Why, or why not?
3. Just by looking at the photo, what price point would you expect it to be sold at?

Of course, I’d love to hear your other thoughts, such as how’d you’d style the piece, etc.

How to apply:

Send a picture (as many as you’d like but one at minimum) of your style. It can be a photo of yourself wearing your favorite outfit, a photo of your favorite clothing and accessory items, a collection you created on Polyvore, etc.

List how you heard of Ambry Lane, your name, and your age.

List any interesting facts about yourself, or anything that you’d like for me to know.

If you have a blog and wouldn’t mind sharing the link, I’d love to see it to get a feel for your personality. If not, that’s perfectly alright too.

Email your application to info@AmbryLane.com

*Please keep in mind that this is strictly for FUN and no compensation will be given. Also keep in mind that products I show you may or may not be offered on http://www.AmbryLane.com.

Also, when applying, know that the photos and products I show the winners are private and are not to be given to anyone!!



Along with your fun position, you will receive an Ambry Lane tote bag, a Girly Girl Tank Top, a Mister Mustache Necklace, and a Flower the Leader Ring .

Send in those applications!! I can’t wait to hear from you girls! &I can’t wait to choose two winners!


Chelsey Jean



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Pleasantly Presenting You with A Pleasant Present (last minute gift ideas)

As it nears Christmas, I’m sure many of you are scrambling to find the perfect gifts for the perfect people. The closer it gets to the 25th, the less likely your AmbryLane.com purchase will make it to your doorstep by Christmas.

Of course, you can always take the chance… and we promise to ship out all orders within 48 hours (we’ll even try to get it out that day if you order before 12pm!).

Or, you can sit back, relax, and buy all the fashionistas on your list Ambry Lane Gift Cards!!

Gift Card!! (Available amounts: $25, $50, $75, $100, $125, $150, $175, $200)

Each Gift Card ships for FREE and will come tucked inside of this cute mustache envelope!

Here are some cute ideas for girly girls that like accessories:

Here are some cute ideas for edgy girls that like accessories:

I’m looking for some fresh, cute products to add to the collection. What would you like to see? Colors? Styles? Etc!? Let me know…because seriously, I will listen and do my best to to find what you need!!! Email me at info@ambrylane.com or comment this post!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted about doing an interview for Patch.com. (It’s an online newspaper that caters to local news…it’s all over the US…so check to see if they have a section for your town!)

Anyways, here is the link to the interview: Click HERE

Yep, that’s me! &The purse is wrapped exactly how I wrap up orders<3

Just in case this blog isn’t updated by then…

Happy Holidays!! &Have a happy (and safe) New Years!!!


Chelsey Jean & Ambry Lane

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New Arrivals

Every time a package arrives, it’s like Christmas here at Ambry Lane. It’s so exciting to open a box and pull out wonderful goodies!!  So, when a package arrived on the Ambry Lane doorstep today, we set out to put them on the site right away!!

Of course, our Black Friday FREE SHIPPING deal is nearing!! Our Cyber Monday deals (25% off, free shipping, free gifts, etc) are coming up soon as well. We uploaded many things onto our site today so that you ladies can shop to your heart’s content…while taking full advantage of the upcoming deals!!

We have added a new Shop category – “Gift Items”! Check it out!!

&Do not forget about our GIFT CARDS!!! When your grandparents, parents, friends, cousins, etc, ask you what you want for Christmas… simply reply “An Ambry Lane gift card, please!”

Have a fun, safe, and filling Thanksgiving everyone!! xoxo


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Event Numero Dos!

We attended our 2nd ever event on the 13th and 14th of November 2010. It was so fun and made me wish that I could open up my brick and mortar store asap!!   Of course, hearing good feedback is always great too and this event was full of it.

If you couldn’t attend, we missed you!! And, hopefully you can make it to our next event.

Here are some pictures:

Handmade ambry :]

Don’t you love Ambry Lane “beary” much??!!

Yuuum. The Little Bear Multifunction Scarf eats our lovely pink ambry!!

Chelsey Jean

Heidi Jean (Chelsey Jean’s mommy…and an amazing help!!!)

Khadijah and Yvette

They couldn’t resist these cute bear hats/scarves!! Thanks for sending us this pic!!


It was a fun 2 days:] If anyone has any photos of them wearing an Ambry Lane purchase, we’d love to see it!!

Remember to keep sending in those give away entries!! $25 of cool Ambry Lane cash is up for grabs!! Read our “Give Away!” page for more info.



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$25 Gift Card Give Away!!!

That’s right!! In honor of our new gift cards, we’re giving one out for FREE!! From now until December 1st, you can enter to win our $25 give away!!

It’s actually super easy. You must answer these 5 simple questions:

1. What is your name, age, and email address?

2. How did you hear about Ambry Lane?

3. Why do you like Ambry Lane?

4. What is your favorite Ambry Lane product?

5. What are a few (1-3… or more if you’d like!) interesting facts about you?

Then, send your answers to info@ambrylane.com or send them by mail to PO Box 1618 Martinez CA 94553! (You can also message us on our official Facebook page).

Your answers can be as long… or as short… as you like, though we prefer reading long ones!!

Tell your friends to enter, and make sure they remember to let us know who referred them!! Each time your name is mentioned by a friend, it counts as another entry!! Tell your friends to CLEARLY state your name and the fact that you told them about the contest!!

Winner will be chosen at RANDOM on December 1st!!

To read more about this give away, click HERE.



Chelsey Jean


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