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Cyber Monday!!

We’ve literally gone insane!! 50% off EVERYTHING!!!

Use code CYBER50 @ ShopDevour.com




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It’s Small Business Saturday!!

Small Business Saturday was started to give recognition to small businesses all around the country!

DEVOUR started in 2010 by a 17 year old with a dream.

Support us today & take 40% off of your order with code BLACKWKND

small biz sat


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Get Real

You spied on our behind the scene images – but now you’re in for the real deal! We worked with an amazing group of girls and our go to photographer to get some great shots. All items available at SHOPDEVOUR.com shoot1

black and metallic dress1 daisy top1 pink and mesh dress3 silver pleated dress1 striped bottoms1shoot2all girl

Credits: Photographer: Jason Wood \\ Models shown from top to bottom: Rachel Johnson, Sunny Valizadeh, Sydney Wojcik, Emily Wright, Madeline Peterson, and Ally Breslin


Which outfit is your favorite??

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Win Big! It’s time for a giveaway!

giveaway daisy sweater

We love giveaways! Don’t you??

To enter, CLICK HERE!

Good Luck<3


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Newness Coolness + a Giveaway!

The past 2 days were chilly…and absolutely perfect for sweaters, boots, and all things warm! Of course, today is once again sunny and hot, but it’s never too early to work on your cozy winter wardrobe! That cold weather is just around the corner again!

Click here to shop our newest arrivals!

Click here for more info on how to win!


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Fashion Realness {preptalk addition}

Just last week, Stephanie, the lovely Ambry Lane model featured in post Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot, and I had a discussion on the appropriateness of our outfit choices. She said “If you’re going to dress like this, you just have to say ‘Screw it!’ and do it. So what if everyone you’re with is wearing a t-shirt and jeans and you’re the only one in heels!”

Seriously! So freakin’ what!


Often times I’ll go to someone in my family and say “Do I look like a hooker?” If I get a “no”, then it’s time to try again!! If I get a “yes”, then I know I did something right!!


Now, does that mean I’m actually trying to look like a hooker or even test my skills on the street corner? Uh, not quite. However, the thought behind it is simple: fashion is meant to be misunderstood!! Not everyone should be able to look you up and down and say that they’d gladly wear the same thing!


Imagine the herd of sheep if that were to happen. It would quickly become mundane, boring,  and, you guessed it, obvious!


Don’t ever be afraid to stand out and turn heads! Look in the mirror and ask yourself “Am I 100% comfortable in this?” If so, it’s time to change something! Never conform. Never become complacent with your wardrobe. Dare to get creative. Dare to dress to impress…yourself!!


Inspire yourself. Stay true to you. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters!!

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{Memorial Day} Weekend Discount Code


You’re welcome 😉

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20% off

That’s right! Use code march20 to receive 20% off of your entire order all weekend long! It’s a great time to purchase one of our Siren Ashore pieces or to get your cute new Easter outfit!

Make sure to like us on Facebook because that’s Chelsey’s birthday wish!! Click HERE to do so!

Have a great weekend!! Do something you’ve never done before!!


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Best Sellers

You can’t go wrong with an item from the Best Sellers list! Here are the top 5 in descending order. Quick! Guess which item is number 1!

5. Off the Shoulder Flir-tee Birdy – $24.50

4. Gray Leopard Long Shirt – $21.75

3. Funky Floral and Ruffled Dress – $24.75

2. Black Lace Dress – $15.25

Ready to see if you guessed right??!!

1. Mister Mustache Necklace – $9.50

Check out AmbryLane.com and leave a comment with your favorite item below. I’d love to know!




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Buy One Get One FREE!!

Free is a nice word, don’t you think?? In fact, free is the kind of word that puts a smile on my face. Starting today, two tank tops on AmbryLane.com will be eligible for our buy one, get one free offer! Don’t miss out!!

Click HERE to open our Reduced Prices category

The tanks listed above are available in 4 different colors and come in sizes Small, Medium, and Large!


Here’s a hint for our first project in the works… making a purchase now will help you get free products in the future!!!

It’s a funny thing, owning an online store. I look at invoices and write out addresses for each and every order. More often than not, I can tell you the names of most customers, especially when they purchase more than once. It’s super exciting for me to see that reoccurring name! I want to start a reward system to express my gratitude and happiness for loyal Ambry Lane shoppers. This will begin soon!!! I’m excited to introduce it to all of you<33

In the mean time, keep dressing cute!! &If you have any photos of you wearing Ambry Lane products, or if you’d like to submit a review or love letter, ship it on over to info@AmbryLane.com. (If you have a blog, be sure to leave a link & I’ll include it on our Love Letters page!!)


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