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Fabrications of a Broken Heart

I wanted to rock my faux leather overalls, but upon placing them onto my flesh, realized that it was far too hot for that. I turned to my leather high waisted shorts and a frown found my lips. If tears were something I could muster, you can bet that I would have bawled upon looking at the studded piece of art that is my leather jacket as it hung between a burgundy fur coat and the devil himself, who simply lifted a finger to point and laugh. I’m not interested in sweating, that’s just not something I like to do. Ever. Besides, I may or may not run 20 degrees hotter than the average person, and if donning only a sheer lace maxi were acceptable, whilst standing next to a blasting air conditioner, you can bet my tongue would stick out, a certain middle digit raised to the blaring sun.

Luckily, I found a fabric that doesn’t wish to kill me this summer. In fact, it’s quite the looker if you ask me, and as these days heat up, I’d say it even rivals my favorite slippery friend. Denim. Oh, Denim, how you managed to crawl over my skin and make me feel ALIVE again! I’ll take you in all of your glory: shorts, vests, overalls, bed sheets, curtains, cookies!!! It’s not too late for us, darling Denim. This love affair is too cool to let up.

denim collage

spaced out

DEVOUR Original >> Spaced Out Alien Vest

PS; The Spaced Out Vest is a ShopDevour.com original and we’re totally in love with it!! It’s available now!



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Behind the Scenes

On Tuesday we had a fun shoot, and if you follow us on instagram (@ShopDevour), you got to spy in on it all!! We had an amazing group of girls that rocked our new arrivals! Check out these behind the scenes shots!!

bts1 bts2 bts3 bts4 bts5 bts6 bts7 bts8 bts9


Post with final images coming soon…


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