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Trending: Knight in Shining Glamour

I hate to break it to you, but life isn’t always a fairytale. Prince Charming doesn’t exist half of the time, and a knight in shining armor probably won’t ever come to your rescue. Now that we’re back in reality, no matter how boring it may be, it’s time to realize that you can be your own knight- a knight in shining glamour!

Metal was abundant in Fall 2012 Runway shows, so it’s no surprise that you’ll be seeing tons of metal accessories as the weather cools. Sleek and shiny silver gives both an edgy and chic vibe that anyone can rock.

Wearing one element, such as the silver earrings, will still give you the look without transforming you into the Tinman.

You can see and purchase our chain harness here and our shoulder chain here. Click here to see our spiked liberty ring.

Digging this trend? Yay or nay?

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