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Cool Girls Only Club

Yes, you’ve just been initiated into the Cool Girls Only Club. While you’re sitting there feeling special, here are some .gifs and final edits from our last photoshoot. If you haven’t yet indulged in the behind the scene images, click here.

I’m so very happy with these pics & the new arrivals. They are all awesome!!! Leave a comment with your favorite – and don’t forget to check the rest of the newness HERE.

Model: Olga S.

Photography: Jason Wood of Take One Presents

Fashion available at ShopDevour.com

olga419 olga698 olga779 olga952 olga1049 olga1077 olga1261 backbending head-shake skirt-dance walkingFIERCE!



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Style2Bones Eats Clothes!

Dominique of Style2Bones.com totally eats clothes! I’ve been drooling over her blog since it was first conceived, and when you check it out, you’ll understand my fascination. She stays busy filling the web with awesome styling and even cooler hair. She readily describes her fashion choices as a fusion between eccentric punk and the internet.  She’s a total sweetheart that’s addicted to Korean BBQ and music. She’s the type of girl I’d be happy to meet and go chalking creepy doodles all over town with, but I’d probably cry when her outfit trampled all over mine.

She recently blogged about our Suspension Circle Skirt. Here’s a little peak at her post.

Remember, tag your instagram posts with #ieatclothes when you wear any Devour products and we’ll feature you! xx

yXfqOfS lgEBZZv Tl67eso Ul7TcCL

2hhFmOk x27CYzi 84qT5SdTo see the full post click here  |  To read an interview we did with Dominique last year click here




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Wanna Win $100??

Of course you do! I never miss the opportunity to score a free gift card to my favorite stores, because you do know what it means, don’t you? Free gift card = free clothes. Yes, freeeeeee clothes!! Adding a couple of items to your closet won’t hurt anything. Trust me! In fact, it’ll make everything much, much better!

100 giveway with tote

PRIZES: $100 Gift Card to ShopDevour.com, tote bag, + more!!

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DETAILS: Ends 5/20/13. Giveaway is open worldwide. Winner will be chosen at random.

Good Luck ❤

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Summer Lovin

We have a shoot coming up, and these images are keeping me inspired! Right now I’m all about deathly hot summer days… which is easy to do when it’s not actually deathly hot outside. The warmer weather means blue tongues (otter pops anyone?), underwater pictures, sunburns, eating tons of roasted marshmallows, concert hopping, falling asleep outside after a long night of stargazing, and wearing minimal but super cool clothing. Maybe this year my tan will stick with me through winter. I doubt it.

cool-cute-edgy-fashion-Favim.com-651963 tumblr_m6i0muSTvJ1rxv8wqo1_500 tumblr_miqyavBuLq1r4d009o1_500 tumblr_mk0djpKLgr1qe5dabo1_500 tumblr_mkfssjdsGP1rvmvvao1_500 tumblr_mlesz0uTOd1rt3i19o1_500 tumblr_m937g9YvYz1qbq492o1_1280 tumblr_mhr3fectQb1r87tneo1_1280 tumblr_mkpew5545H1qk2tu5o1_500


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Trending: The Intergalactic Alien Closet

For those of us that shamelessly obsessed over Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, and are still eagerly awaiting our mothership to take us back to our home land, it’s safe to say that a crazy-cool intergalactic wardrobe is welcomed. Prepare for all types of alien-esque inspiration that follows. It’s a 90’s comeback that we can all drool over – metallics, holograms, aliens, mesh, smiley faces, yin yang symbols, static, jelly sandals, grunge with a dash of Lisa Frank, etc. Put your bibs on ladies…

1hdi9o-l-580x580 19650740308 alien tumblr_ly001xeCD11r4s7meo1_500 tumblr_m1x7zlC4we1qazr9so1_500 tumblr_meydt74g9a1rfo7lzo1_500 tumblr_mhm4lxiJXH1r3slb1o1_500 two tone lips 3 SONY DSC il_570xN.430323089_25yy tumblr_m6ay845Oye1r1afsso1_500 tumblr_maczevFv9k1rgdgwxo1_500 tumblr_mapcogTDPf1qd0vsao1_500 tumblr_mh7o3xaTsz1rpxr0eo1_500 tumblr_mhev8s8W161qaw5oao1_500 aliens

Can you dig it??


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Trending: The Muscle Tee

I won’t lie – I’d be happy wearing a muscle tee for the rest of ever. Not only are they super comfortable, but they’re way cooler than your average t-shirt. Tuck it in high waisted skinnies, or let it hang loose over leggings or knee highs. You really can’t go wrong, unless, of course, you don’t wear one.

muscle1 tumblr_lqb43pKVPk1qzw4o0o1_500 tumblr_m7zrzb1Bzo1rpq61go1_500 tumblr_ma42us8PMn1qiprgbo1_500 muscle2

Muscle Tees are really easy to make. Simply grab a shirt, or buy one at the thrift shop, and cut the sleeves off.

tshirt diy


Remember to enter our giveaway!!

giveaway daisy sweater


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Things we love this week

Take a peek at what makes us smile this week!

Mean Girl quotes…on pink pencils


Truth about success

This designer clutch…it’s perfection

Sneaking out

Kitty in a teacup

Boys with style

Demanding bathtubs

Pink poofs

City living…in a pink townhouse


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Blogger Spotlight: Style2Bones

It’s probably no secret that we have a major style crush on style2bones writer, Dominique – a girl that can make pastels look badass with little to no effort. Watch any of her videos and it’s clear that not only is she obsessed with fashion, but she’s super nice too. Feast your eyes on outfits so perfectly styled you’ll want to hide your own in shame, and get to know this fashion blogger a little bit better.

Name. Age. Zodiac sign.

“Dominique Nghiem // 18 // Virgo”

Describe your style in 3 words:

“eccentric, punk, internet”

If you had to choose one pair of shoes to have for the rest of forever, what pair would it be?

“My UNIF Hellbounds in black!”

What is your all-time favorite outfit you’ve blogged about?

“This is way too hard, I love all my outfits… I’ll link to one of my most popular outfits. In this outfit I am wearing a tie-dye yin yang dress that I made by hand.”

Tell us a secret:

“If you just read my blog, you wouldn’t really know how in love with music I am. If you watch my youtube videos on my channel, Stylefilmer, you could get a clue to my love for music. But I play the piano, accordion, and violin. And right now, I am learning to play acoustic guitar.”

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

“Korean Bbq”

What’s the best part about being a fashion blogger?

“The best part is when people tell me that I inspire them to be more daring, start their own blog, their own youtube channel. I love inspiring others to become independent and chase after their dreams.”

A trend you absolutely can’t stand?

“I don’t think I can think of any, I try not to put any type of style or trend or clothing into an extreme “hate” category…because some way or another I tend to have already worn that trend, or later on incorporate it into my style. I think a big part of being a fashion blogger is being trendy, but there is a point where you can be too trendy. The best bloggers in my opinion can take a trend and incorporate it into their own style.”

Any fashion advice / rules you live by?

“Be yourself, if I want to wear something out, I just do it. If I want to wear multi-tone bubblegum slimy tights out, I do it. A lot of people are afraid of being judged by what they wear, but you have to understand that those who judge you are not worth suppressing your own personal style for.”
If you find a girl with cooler socks and tights, let me know. Click here to check out her blog.
Dominique’s Favorite


Win $100. Click here to enter our giveaway.

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Cooler weather demands a cooler you!

Fall is slowly creeping over, leaving a nice sheen of mist over my car, and causing me to break out that extra blanket at night. While the season is my favorite, transforming my everyday mundane scenery into a mystic land full of evening fog, fiery leaves, and glistening streets sprinkled with midnight rain, the fashion is what really gets me going. This autumn season, it’s time to channel something so 20 years ago… 90’s grunge – meets 2012.

Think denim, plaid, leather, boots, crushed velvet, candy colors, slouchy and oversized knits, cool beanies, layered everything, but most importantly… encompass the confidence that came with this movement – You don’t have to follow the norm. You don’t have to be boring. You can create, break out from the pack, follow your dreams, and do what makes you happy.

Gear up and get ready for the cooler weather in a way that will have the icons of our past green with envy<3

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Style Icon: Eriko Nakao

Chances are that you’ve seen a photo or two of Eriko Nakao, the Tokyo based model, floating around the internet. She has an innocent air about her, and along with her big eyes, she looks a bit like a doll. Of course, you probably wouldn’t catch her looking like a doll out of your kid sister’s Barbie collection (unless she has those Monster High dolls, in which case I’m jealous because those didn’t exist when I was younger)- Eriko Nakao has got a rockin sense of style!


We think she’s pretty perfect. What do you think??

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