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A Kiss of Fall

Dark lipstick can be a total contradiction. It’s vibrant, yet subtle. Bold, yet soft. The combination of these ideas don’t make sense together, yet they do! Before I confuse you any further, let’s get one thing straight – a dark lip is a definite MUST for the cooler seasons!

No matter your complexion, skin tone, lip shape, or style, a dark lipstick will look great on you. For pale lipped girls (I’m guilty of being a chapstick only type of girl myself), this will be a change that may take some getting used to. But Fall is full of changes, so go with it!

Here’s your inspiration. Now go grab a tube of plum lipstick goodness!

3.1Phillip Lim codie-young-dark-beauty-2 darklip mcx-burgundy-liptsick-chanel-iman-lgn-41193628 model-dark-lips-5 model-dark-lipstick tumblr_mp0a2zjkZ11r98d0vo1_500 V-Branquinho-bbt-W-F13-P-004_hg_temp2_m_full_l-389x580xx




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Friendly Reminder!

It’s almost the weekend…which is pretty damn great in itself. But this message is just too amazing not to share. Be nice!



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Opposites Attract

black and whiteI love the simplicity of an outfit with a monochromatic color scheme. An all black or all white get up is eye catching, artistic, and modern. But something kinda great happens when the two meet up. Check out the inspiration below and then go dig through that closet of yours to create the perfect look.






Shop Black & White


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To Do: Weekend Freak Out

Boring weekends should be banished along with morning breath, crocs, and expired milk. Have you really waited all week, putting up with your obnoxious co-workers and even more obnoxious alarm clock, only to sit your ass on the couch and watch reruns of soap operas while you stuff your face (and cleavage) with potato chip crumbs?? I’ll answer for you…NO! So take a moment to check out our MUST DO weekend list and get to it. Seriously. You only have about 48 hours to accomplish all of this.

1. Do some arts & crafts


2. Sneak into a spooky graveyard….at night


3. Run through someone else’s sprinklers


4. Pull a prank on someone


5. Drink something cute…then have a couple shots


6.  Learn the Single Ladies dance


7.  Get some cool looking nails

cool nail polish

8. Jump off a rope swing

rope swing

9.  Do some extreme pogo sticking


10. Have a silly string fight

silly string



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The things your lips could say

If there’s one thing that rivals my love of all things fashion, it’s my love for a good quote. There’s just something about perfectly placed words that I can’t get enough of. While I sit here trying to think of my next sentence (mentally preparing myself for the stupidity that will undoubtedly fumble from my lips), people are creating literary masterpieces that make me weak in the knees. I’ve compiled a few of my personal favorites in hopes that they can inspire you – all while making you wish you dressed as cool as the girls in the back of each picture 😉


Collecting quotes is a harmless, inspiring, and extremely affordable hobby.

Do you have any favorite quotes?

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Things We Love This Week

News flash: It’s Monday. Don’t sulk. Don’t whine. Take a look at a few of our favorite things and then go buy yourself an ice cream cone for lunch. Don’t worry, we’re giving you permission.

You’re welcome<3

tumblr_mhborp6EeC1qk5x4to1_500Sparkly Undies

tumblr_mn2hwykWUe1rj08z7o1_500“I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet”

tumblr_mlildyPZdp1ruz2jzo1_500Real Sh*t

boys will be boysBoys will be boys.

tumblr_mn2l840UOg1rjjp4wo1_500After the after party…

tumblr_mmgpjsF7RI1ravkudo1_500Being Fearless


Wanna win $100??

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I ain’t sayin she a gold digger…

Cuz she only messes with chrome & silver!

tumblr_mm1b6skqwh1s4pexoo1_500 tumblr_mm1g093pkw1r24fzdo1_500 tumblr_mm2fdciDIG1raigl9o1_500 tumblr_mm2yt5u7Jd1rmg39ko1_500 tumblr_mm3etw10N11rixrp9o1_500 tumblr_mm4q2ghgkx1s8loszo1_500 tumblr_mm9s5cR95J1r1bcmko1_500 tumblr_mmc0hvaab01rv2xoro1_500 tumblr_mme1haJAVq1s3btilo1_500

Silver is so fresh & so clean!

silver pleated dress1

DEVOUR Pleated Metallic Dress

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Things We Love This Week

I’m not trying to be the bearer of bad news, but the weekend is over. It’s time to get off of your rump and do something productive. But don’t let the Monday funk get you down. Make a list of things you totally dig. It helps shake the reminder that the weekend is still an entire work week away, and it feels pretty damn productive while you’re creating the list if you ask me.

tumblr_inline_mf9mn9NrsT1qajozzThe Ideal Summer Fridge

tumblr_mc3zqiQGfW1qa42jro1_500Hair Art

shoot1The Rainbow Rampage Dress


tumblr_mm11878Wlk1rqxcxfo1_500Giving a Bubble Wand a Good Blow

tumblr_mh2177WBnc1qe87e6o1_500This Melting Raccoon (I feel your pain lil guy – it’s supposed to be 87 degrees today!)

lisafrank1Lisa Frank Nails


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Summer Lovin

We have a shoot coming up, and these images are keeping me inspired! Right now I’m all about deathly hot summer days… which is easy to do when it’s not actually deathly hot outside. The warmer weather means blue tongues (otter pops anyone?), underwater pictures, sunburns, eating tons of roasted marshmallows, concert hopping, falling asleep outside after a long night of stargazing, and wearing minimal but super cool clothing. Maybe this year my tan will stick with me through winter. I doubt it.

cool-cute-edgy-fashion-Favim.com-651963 tumblr_m6i0muSTvJ1rxv8wqo1_500 tumblr_miqyavBuLq1r4d009o1_500 tumblr_mk0djpKLgr1qe5dabo1_500 tumblr_mkfssjdsGP1rvmvvao1_500 tumblr_mlesz0uTOd1rt3i19o1_500 tumblr_m937g9YvYz1qbq492o1_1280 tumblr_mhr3fectQb1r87tneo1_1280 tumblr_mkpew5545H1qk2tu5o1_500


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A Spring Thing: Blue

I’m excited for the summer – ice cold lemonade, tanning by the pool, sleeping under the stars, and wearing hella cool (no pun intended) clothing. But I loathe the heat. It makes me wilt like a dying flower and melt like the wicked witch. Spring is a very happy in-between, and for that, I won’t be ticked off when the sun decides to shine a little longer. But just like the warm waters I’ll be treading in, I’m going to rock blue until you make me stop.

blue collage

It’s the season of Robin’s Egg Blue – which is quite fitting being that it’s Spring. Whether you opt for a blue shoe, or get an awesome manicure, you can’t, and won’t, go wrong.

The striped bottoms and daisy lace top in the photo above will be available soon so keep an eye out!


PS; We’re in the process of changing our name!! Previously AmbryLane. LIKE our new Facebook page to stay updated! CLICK HERE


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