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Fur (the faux kind, of course!)

Cruella Deville was probably the most hated Disney villain from your animal loving childhood, but let’s be honest, in all her evil glory, the lady knew how to rock a fur coat. We can appreciate some nice fur every now and again also, so long as it’s FAKE FAKE FAKE. I mean, I’d rather interact with a living creature than wear a coat made out of a diseased one, but maybe that’s just me. Warning – yes, your friends WILL pet you. Get inspired to introduce a fur vest or fur coat to your wardrobe…it might be just the thing you need!!

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What do you think? Yay or nay??



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Secrets might make friends

Slowly but surely, we’ll be taking our business in a new direction! We have exciting things planned, so stay tuned!! If there is anything you’ve had your eye on from our shop, grab it while you still can. We’ll be pulling A LOT of products from our shop very soon. No more vintage. No more gift items. To give you an idea… out of 91 apparel products, we’ll only be keeping 20 of them. So hurry!!

Our leather jacket is featured on the Fantasy Fashioned blog. Check it out!


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A wild child with a side of sass

Known as our Fancy Instincts Leopard Jacket, this faux fur beauty rings in at $39.25.

Big leopard jackets are sure making heads turn all over the city. You can use it to dress up an outfit, or dress it down. Plus, it’ll keep you warm in this chilly weather…assuming that winter finally arrives in full force!!

Stay true to your sassy side. Wear high waisted shorts with tights, boots on your feet, and a strikingly bold top. Place a leopard jacket over to complete a look that screams wild child without looking like you tried.


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Oh, one last thing to add to your Christmas wishlist

Pretty in Punk Studded Jacket

Looking for a piece that will give you that girly, punk glam edge? Yes, I said punk glam – don’t choke on that hot pink Shirley Temple I see you sipping! I’m pretty sure your search is over for good this time. Once again, Ambry Lane has got you covered. Whether you’re rocking out at a concert, or staying in at the local coffee shop with your closest friend, this faux leather jacket will do the fashionable job.

Ferociously Fierce Romper

We all need to show our wild side sometimes. That’s just a fact of the fashionable. This romper is not only really comfortable, but it’s totally flattering! I thought I couldn’t pull off high waisted articles of clothing, but boy…this romper proved me wrong! I can picture this being dressed for winter – paired with tights, wedges, and a cardigan- or for summer – paired with nothing else at all but some cute sandals.

Oh, and don’t forget that the post offices around the world are being flooded with Christmas gifts right about now! Please take note of our holiday shipping schedule. Of course, this is just us being SAFE. We hope that you receive your items far before these estimated lengths of times, but once we leave your package at the post office, it’s out of our hands!


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