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BLACK FRIDAY all weekend long!!!

There’s no crowds here! No stampeding groups of people trying to snatch up the hottest finds before they sell out!

Shop with SHOPDEVOUR.COM and get 40% off of your order ALL WEEKEND LONG!!



Any questions?? Email us HERE.

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There’s something about a thick chain necklace that is super sleek and cool. It’s really difficult to reserve the style for wealthy rappers and fashion bloggers. So difficult in fact, that we refuse to do so. It’s safe to say that no matter your personal style or aesthetic of choice, a nice chain necklace will fit into your wardrobe perfectly. Trust us.

tumblr_m9e38gEnyt1qfrtudo1_500 tumblr_mmbneqRtQ81rswv08o1_500 tumblr_mmg9180ocT1rr4cjho1_500 tumblr_mn016krvfy1squdtio1_500 tumblr_mndm8aRAuB1rkoqj4o1_400 tumblr_mp0m800pyN1s3jxozo1_500 tumblr_mp6qmhxwBv1qlee12o1_500 tumblr_mpbe7xiFba1qavpxho1_500 tumblr_mph4bbSr4z1qi9214o1_500 tumblr_mlyyh0ksgz1rdtyo6o1_500chainsComing soon to ShopDevour.com

What’s your personal style?? – and would you wear one??


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What does your favorite necklace say about you??

We all have that one go-to necklace that we just couldn’t live without. Personally, I always throw on my tiny, silver fortune cookie necklace or my layered gunmetal chains. But when it comes to statement necklaces, what does your choice really say about you?? Well, we went undercover on a top secret mission, and are presenting our top secret research to you right now!!

First Step: Pick your favorite necklace from the 4 below

pick your favorite necklace1

Second Step: Find the necklace below and read our mini profile

necklace about you1necklace about you3necklace about you2necklace about you4

Did you stray from the pack, or fit right in??

All styles + more will be available @ ShopDevour.com soon!


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Spike up your life!

ear cuff heart

al ear cuffs

I just restocked our Spiked Ear Cuffs ($15) and they’re now available in gold too!! Click here to check them out.


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You can’t claw your way out of this trend!

Everywhere you turn, a taloned claw is wrapped around yet another unsuspecting fashionista that has fallen victim to its trendy ways… You could…you should…be next!

Click here to check these rad claw rings out

Love this trend or hate it?

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Gunmetal: Adding edge to any outfit

Sometimes gold and silver just won’t do it for you. While gold should give off a sunny, bright vibe, it is often times associated with – let’s face it! – old women and tradition! Silver is glamorous, chic, and modern, but also represents innocence, femininity, and delicateness. We need our jewelry to be as bold as we are, and that’s where gunmetal comes into play.

The gray tone encompasses a tiny bit of blue as well as silver, but does so in a way that will go well with almost any outfit. Take that pink, ruffled dress and add a layered gunmetal necklace – instantly, you give a girly look a bit of edge. Throw on those distressed denim shorts and a cropped top and the necklace will give you a more put together, polished look. This is a simple way to give yourself that “I didn’t try too hard” look that we all want to achieve.

Don’t let your “timeless” jewelry get you stuck in a rut. Break out of the mold, and find the new and improved you. Gunmetal anyone?


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Diamonds do appear to be just like broken glass to me

For those girls who would rather be proposed to with a ring from a quarter machine (seriously…I’ve considered it)…


Chunky rings are cool and edgy. I don’t think dainty rings suit our personalities anyways. We’re just way too sassy for that;)

Pow Ring – $12.50

I was totally about to write “Try to resist imprinting a painful POW into the face of your enemy!” in the product description for this one, but I held my tongue…errr…angst ridden typing fingers…from doing so!

But hey, if you are going to brand your arch nemesis, this is the ring I would recommend! 😉

This POW gives your outfit a POP of color. That’s important when you’re in the style of sticking out…of being UNIQUE!

Besides, as Panic! At The Disco (so glad the explanation mark is back!) said, “Diamonds do appear to be just like broken glass to me.”


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I’m a Barbie Girl!

I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world.

Soon enough, two sweet designs will be made available to you!

We want to support the “indie” culture… so we found some adorable pieces that we know you’ll love!! Here is your sneaky peeky!

These items are handmade, so you can guarantee that your cute accessory will be one of a kind!!

CUTE, huh??

Keep your fashionable eyes peeled!


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