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A Kiss of Fall

Dark lipstick can be a total contradiction. It’s vibrant, yet subtle. Bold, yet soft. The combination of these ideas don’t make sense together, yet they do! Before I confuse you any further, let’s get one thing straight – a dark lip is a definite MUST for the cooler seasons!

No matter your complexion, skin tone, lip shape, or style, a dark lipstick will look great on you. For pale lipped girls (I’m guilty of being a chapstick only type of girl myself), this will be a change that may take some getting used to. But Fall is full of changes, so go with it!

Here’s your inspiration. Now go grab a tube of plum lipstick goodness!

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Jelly Bean Lips

During the Holly Fulton fashion show, something colorful was happening right under our noses…literally!! Candy colored lips were in full force, and even better- DUAL candy colored lips! Who said you can’t mix and match when it comes to lipstick??

Holly+Fulton+Spring+2013+Backstage+BnhdcuUPHPyx hollylip3 tie-dye-lips tumblr_mbt6o6H9551qzfeuco1_500 two-tone-lip

Will you try this look, or let it stay with the runways and editorials??


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Beauty Tip – Coral Lips


Most beauty experts would agree that when it comes to dressing up your face, always draw attention to your best feature. However, just because you have amazing eyes, doesn’t mean you should forget about your lips, and vice versa! Screw the boring, conventional rule of “don’t play up your eyes AND your lips”. Because, I mean, why not??!!


Tip: To avoid getting your lipstick on your drinking glass, wet your lips with your tongue before taking a sip.

You don’t have to get crazy with it, but a little color does go a long way.

I have yet to see a skin tone that doesn’t look great with coral lipstick. Seriously. Whether it be coral-pink or coral-orange, I guarantee there will be a shade of this fun color that will work for you.


Tip: Put lip balm on before lipstick to avoid dry, cracked looking lips.


Tip: To avoid lipstick on your teeth, wrap your lips around your index finger to remove the excess.


Tip: When it comes to purchasing a lipstick, the color may actually be deceiving. Before buying, always be sure to test the lipstick. If you don’t have a way to test it first, don’t buy it! Often times the color that shows on your lips is much different than the stick itself.

What color lipstick do you currently use? Will you give coral a try?


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Happy Halloween!

You’re never too old to dress up, brave your way through haunted houses, or stuff your gut with candy…so that’s exactly what I’ll do.  Have a happy Halloween everyone!!

Stay safe and have a blast!



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