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There’s something about a thick chain necklace that is super sleek and cool. It’s really difficult to reserve the style for wealthy rappers and fashion bloggers. So difficult in fact, that we refuse to do so. It’s safe to say that no matter your personal style or aesthetic of choice, a nice chain necklace will fit into your wardrobe perfectly. Trust us.

tumblr_m9e38gEnyt1qfrtudo1_500 tumblr_mmbneqRtQ81rswv08o1_500 tumblr_mmg9180ocT1rr4cjho1_500 tumblr_mn016krvfy1squdtio1_500 tumblr_mndm8aRAuB1rkoqj4o1_400 tumblr_mp0m800pyN1s3jxozo1_500 tumblr_mp6qmhxwBv1qlee12o1_500 tumblr_mpbe7xiFba1qavpxho1_500 tumblr_mph4bbSr4z1qi9214o1_500 tumblr_mlyyh0ksgz1rdtyo6o1_500chainsComing soon to ShopDevour.com

What’s your personal style?? – and would you wear one??


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What does your favorite necklace say about you??

We all have that one go-to necklace that we just couldn’t live without. Personally, I always throw on my tiny, silver fortune cookie necklace or my layered gunmetal chains. But when it comes to statement necklaces, what does your choice really say about you?? Well, we went undercover on a top secret mission, and are presenting our top secret research to you right now!!

First Step: Pick your favorite necklace from the 4 below

pick your favorite necklace1

Second Step: Find the necklace below and read our mini profile

necklace about you1necklace about you3necklace about you2necklace about you4

Did you stray from the pack, or fit right in??

All styles + more will be available @ ShopDevour.com soon!


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Get Cross Eyed

Eyes are pretty amazing…I mean, they are the windows to your soul AND they help you watch movies, read books, and check out your hottie crush. The Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection and life, and if you give someone the Evil Eye, well, it’s thought to cause injury or bad luck. As if they weren’t cool enough, they also make awesome accessories!!

(click here to watch a quick youtube video for a bit of nerdy info on how eyes work – by the one and only Bill Nye of course!!)

Keep your eyes peeled, because I’m about to visually stimulate that brain of yours with some eye catching fashion inspiration!

eyeseyes3eyes2eye4eye5eyes6eye8 eye7

cross eyed

Shop our Cross Eyed Necklace

eye necklace

Shop our Eye See It All Necklace

Will you rock the third eye trend?


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Gunmetal: Adding edge to any outfit

Sometimes gold and silver just won’t do it for you. While gold should give off a sunny, bright vibe, it is often times associated with – let’s face it! – old women and tradition! Silver is glamorous, chic, and modern, but also represents innocence, femininity, and delicateness. We need our jewelry to be as bold as we are, and that’s where gunmetal comes into play.

The gray tone encompasses a tiny bit of blue as well as silver, but does so in a way that will go well with almost any outfit. Take that pink, ruffled dress and add a layered gunmetal necklace – instantly, you give a girly look a bit of edge. Throw on those distressed denim shorts and a cropped top and the necklace will give you a more put together, polished look. This is a simple way to give yourself that “I didn’t try too hard” look that we all want to achieve.

Don’t let your “timeless” jewelry get you stuck in a rut. Break out of the mold, and find the new and improved you. Gunmetal anyone?


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Pink mustaches, inspiration, and weekends

It’s Friday, and for most of us, that means it’s the start of our weekend. Hectic schedules or not, I hope you all find time to do the things you love! Here at Ambry Lane, I’ll be busy learning how to use the new camera, sending out orders, and doing all the other behind the scenes stuff that goes on around here. I’ve also thought up a few handmade products I can add to the site. So, I’ll have to channel my creative side and test my sewing skills soon!! Stay tuned…

Today, while working amidst a bunch of squirming elementary kids, a girl walks up to me and says, “I like your mustache.” I thanked her proudly, because I am indeed happy to be the owner of such a splendid ‘stache. Her friends all gasped and started whispering to each other, saying things like: “You can’t just say that to a person!” and “Ooooh! You’re going to get in trouble!” However, both her and I knew the truth. On my neck hung a chain attached to a small black mustache. I guess only the fashionable understand!! 😉


Speaking of mustaches, we’re totally giving away one of these Pink Mustache Necklaces on our Tumblr starting next week! Follow us on Tumblr and like us on Facebook to stay updated.

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Here are some cute & inspiring things we like:

This cute outfit {Source}

These cute balls made out of tulle {Source}

This picture of a mobile shop (But mostly that tent!) {Source}

It’s such a gorgeous day out and I hope that you all got a chance to enjoy it! It’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, so get those cute jackets ready for the downpour!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Gloomy Day, Go Away. Give Away? Yes!

It’s a gloomy day out. Gray. Windy. Moody.  This isn’t even Fall weather!! It’s warm out and the sun is struggling to makes it’s way into the spotlight… but no. Something else has taken the spotlight.  “What?” You may ask. A Facebook Give Away, that’s what!!

Ambry Lane’s October Facebook Give Away is now taking place!

You’re going to enter, aren’t you?!

There’s only 3, simple rules:

1. You MUST be our friend on Facebook.

2. You MUST like this photo –> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=480811&l=50f85ce08e&id=100000482783102

3. You MUST cross your fingers…

One lucky winner will be chosen at random on the 10th! You only have 5 days to get your booty patooty over to our Facebook and like the photo for a chance to win.

If you don’t have good luck (trust me, it’s alright if you don’t), you can purchase this little guy HERE. Please be aware that this necklace is in limited supply and will be disappearing on November 1st! Get yours while it’s still available!!


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I’m a Barbie Girl!

I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world.

Soon enough, two sweet designs will be made available to you!

We want to support the “indie” culture… so we found some adorable pieces that we know you’ll love!! Here is your sneaky peeky!

These items are handmade, so you can guarantee that your cute accessory will be one of a kind!!

CUTE, huh??

Keep your fashionable eyes peeled!


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Mister of Disguise

Your ex boyfriend just walked into the front door of the movie theater, and you are not in the mood to smile and wave a friendly hello…especially not in your sweats…and especially since your hairs a mess!!

A frenemy just waltzed into the beauty salon, and frankly, you don’t want to put up with her flapping, gossiping lips!

You’re almost so famous (or will be in a few years time) that the paparazzi has basically become a large, snap happy shadow. You can’t leave the house without the chance that they’ll find you…they always do…

Ambry Lane is offering the exclusive, limited edition Mister Mustache Necklace for the low price of $9.50. Whatever the situation may be, this necklace will act as a handy disguise! Just hold it under your nose for a whole new handsome identity.  Don’t mind the “Excuse me Sir”, “Hey Mister”, or “Dude, what’s up” comments you’ll receive. Naturally, its the cost of having such an amazing disguise.

WARNING: You will get a lot of compliments on this necklace, you daring fashionista!

In both the Skinny and Thick style!

Its officially on our site…so, what are you waiting for? Own your own ‘stache without growing one today!!


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Ambry Lane in your life!

We love when someone takes the time to recognize Ambry Lane!
Whether you want to make a collage, take a photo of yourself wearing one of our products, or make a bow with tulle, we’d love to see it!! Send your photos to info@ambrylane.com.

A graduation cap? Yep, that’s right!! The bow is straight from our shipping supplies!
We think this is very sweet. Happy graduation!!

This necklace is pretty cool. It was made with a black and white printed version of our name placed under a large half glass marble.
Looking pretty snazzy if we do say so ourselves!

Remember, send us your images…or videos… of you hanging with Ambry Lane!


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