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Behind The Scenes: Summer Photoshoot

Last Saturday we ventured out into the blistering heat to have a summer themed photoshoot. Our model balanced in heels on a step stool, laid in a flowerbed that was home to quite a few spiders, sat atop a car, and wore a skirt as the wind whipped by, but none of that was as stressful as the mishap we had before the camera was even out!! Read the entire story (and a tip that’ll turn a gasp into a smile) below these behind the scene shots!

bts1 bts4 bts5 bts6 bts7 bts8 bts9 bts10 bts11 bts12 bts13 bts14 bts17

Picture this: The photographer’s parents allowed us to set up in their home. We quickly followed the no shoe rule, leaving our boots and wedges by the front door, and ventured into the living room. While the make up artist was busily working to beautify our model, a bottle of liquid foundation crashed to the white carpeted floor. Yes, you read that right…I said WHITE carpet. I think we all had heart attacks when we saw the dark brown stain that was marring the floor. We tried make up remover, dish soap, Resolve, and nail polish remover, but the stain just wouldn’t lift! With a burst of intuition, the photographer, Sarah, took one last trip to the store and grabbed a bottle of Folex. Her parents will never even know that their beautiful white carpet was once hideously ruined with a bottle of make up…that is, unless they see this blog. Oops!!


I’ll swear by Folex – it’s magic in a bottle!! I’m surprised it doesn’t come complete with a mini superhero cape.


Pictured left to right: Peanut (cute doggie!), Sarah Jehan (Photographer), Alexa (Model), Chelsey (DEVOUR Owner), Michelle (Hair and Make Up), Heidi (-the shadow- My mom and the most amazing assistant/helper/dog walker ever!!)



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Get Real

You spied on our behind the scene images – but now you’re in for the real deal! We worked with an amazing group of girls and our go to photographer to get some great shots. All items available at SHOPDEVOUR.com shoot1

black and metallic dress1 daisy top1 pink and mesh dress3 silver pleated dress1 striped bottoms1shoot2all girl

Credits: Photographer: Jason Wood \\ Models shown from top to bottom: Rachel Johnson, Sunny Valizadeh, Sydney Wojcik, Emily Wright, Madeline Peterson, and Ally Breslin


Which outfit is your favorite??

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Model Crush: Teresa Oman

to9 to8 to6 to4 to2 to1 to3 to10 to5 to7 to11

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Spike up your life!

ear cuff heart

al ear cuffs

I just restocked our Spiked Ear Cuffs ($15) and they’re now available in gold too!! Click here to check them out.


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Ringing in the New Year!

Before you look for inspiration in the compiled photos following this bit of text, I just wanted to say that I’m so grateful for every single one of you that support AmbryLane.com, myself, and my dreams for this business. It means the world to me. So, when I raise my glass tonight, know that I’m thinking about each and every one of you as I toast 2012 goodbye and welcome in the new year. ❀


ny15 ny14



















See you next year! πŸ˜‰


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Blogger Leona Rocks Our Double Collar Top

Fashion Blogger, Leona, sure knew how to rock the AmbryLane.com Double Collar Top! Pairing the peachy top with a black, fitted skirt, tights for warmth, cool boots, and a gorgeous black blazer, she created a look that was both classy and a little bit edgy too.

Leona’s Blog // Shop the Top


Win $100. Click here to enter our giveaway.

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Happy Halloween!

You’re never too old to dress up, brave your way through haunted houses, or stuff your gut with candy…so that’s exactly what I’ll do.Β  Have a happy Halloween everyone!!

Stay safe and have a blast!



Win $100. Click here to enter our giveaway.

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Style Icon: Marina Nery

We have a model crush on uber cool girl Marina Nery. She’s a Brazilian bombshell with a gorgeousΒ  face and hair to match. Check her out for yourself…

Marina, if you’re reading this, please come model for us :p

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Final edits! – Fashion Shoot

If you haven’t already seen the behind the scenes images, click here.Β  Below you’ll see some final edits!

Keep an eye out because I have tons more pictures that I’m sure I’ll be posting soon!

Thanks to everyone that was involved<3

Credits: Jason Wood of Take One Presents (photographer), Dana (hair/mua), Models – Frances Tomei, Olga Grigorov, Alex Whitcomb, McKaela Larson, Kat, MissyO, Veronica Liu, Nicole Nangoi.

PS; If I missed anyone, please email me your info<3 I’d love to do some posts with model interviews too, so send in that contact info;)

Of course, if you’d like to see more images, check them out at AmbryLane.com!

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Behind the Scenes {Photoshoot – 9/12/12}

Those of you that follow us on instagram (@ambrylane) got to see some behind the scenes shots as they were happening. It’s probably no surprise that I think this shoot was a total success. I’m so happy with how everything turned out. Now it’s time to sort through the images, pick my favorites, and edit, edit, edit. I can’t wait to show you the final product!!


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