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Behind the Scenes: November

We had another shoot on November 2nd. I’ll just leave all the behind the scenes right here…

11-2bts1 11-2bts2 11-2bts3 11-2bts4 11-2bts5 11-2bts6 11-2bts7 11-2bts8 11-2bts9 11-2bts10

All items available @ ShopDevour.com



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Cool Girls Only Club

Yes, you’ve just been initiated into the Cool Girls Only Club. While you’re sitting there feeling special, here are some .gifs and final edits from our last photoshoot. If you haven’t yet indulged in the behind the scene images, click here.

I’m so very happy with these pics & the new arrivals. They are all awesome!!! Leave a comment with your favorite – and don’t forget to check the rest of the newness HERE.

Model: Olga S.

Photography: Jason Wood of Take One Presents

Fashion available at ShopDevour.com

olga419 olga698 olga779 olga952 olga1049 olga1077 olga1261 backbending head-shake skirt-dance walkingFIERCE!



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Behind the Scenes: 10/13/13

Since you follow us on Instagram (you do follow us, right??), you probably saw a few snaps from our recent photoshoot! We had the ever adorable Olga in the studio – and let me tell you…from smiles to back bending poses, this girl has got it all!

We’ve compiled a handful of shots that we think summarize our evening shoot pretty well – and yes, the cheesy breadsticks were almost as drool-worthy as the clothing (which is coming soon to ShopDevour.com, duhh!).

Expect some awesome .gifs and final edits on the blog soon!


btsoct13-1 btsoct13-2 btsoct13-3 btsoct13-4 btsoct13-5 btsoct13-6 btsoct13-8 btsoct13-9 btsoct13-10 btsoct13-11 btsoct13-12(Olga the model & Chelsey the shop owner)

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Behind the Scenes

On Tuesday we had a fun shoot, and if you follow us on instagram (@ShopDevour), you got to spy in on it all!! We had an amazing group of girls that rocked our new arrivals! Check out these behind the scenes shots!!

bts1 bts2 bts3 bts4 bts5 bts6 bts7 bts8 bts9


Post with final images coming soon…


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Final edits! – Fashion Shoot

If you haven’t already seen the behind the scenes images, click here.  Below you’ll see some final edits!

Keep an eye out because I have tons more pictures that I’m sure I’ll be posting soon!

Thanks to everyone that was involved<3

Credits: Jason Wood of Take One Presents (photographer), Dana (hair/mua), Models – Frances Tomei, Olga Grigorov, Alex Whitcomb, McKaela Larson, Kat, MissyO, Veronica Liu, Nicole Nangoi.

PS; If I missed anyone, please email me your info<3 I’d love to do some posts with model interviews too, so send in that contact info;)

Of course, if you’d like to see more images, check them out at AmbryLane.com!

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Behind the Scenes {Photoshoot – 9/12/12}

Those of you that follow us on instagram (@ambrylane) got to see some behind the scenes shots as they were happening. It’s probably no surprise that I think this shoot was a total success. I’m so happy with how everything turned out. Now it’s time to sort through the images, pick my favorites, and edit, edit, edit. I can’t wait to show you the final product!!


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Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot

Since our site is nearing completion (full redesign+new product line), it was time to dive into product pictures. It’s super exciting to use our new lighting kit which makes the editing of pictures so much easier. It was also a great time to catch up with our lovely, fashion obsessed model Stephanie Nicole too<3

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Secrets might make friends

Slowly but surely, we’ll be taking our business in a new direction! We have exciting things planned, so stay tuned!! If there is anything you’ve had your eye on from our shop, grab it while you still can. We’ll be pulling A LOT of products from our shop very soon. No more vintage. No more gift items. To give you an idea… out of 91 apparel products, we’ll only be keeping 20 of them. So hurry!!

Our leather jacket is featured on the Fantasy Fashioned blog. Check it out!


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