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Wanna Win $100??

Of course you do! I never miss the opportunity to score a free gift card to my favorite stores, because you do know what it means, don’t you? Free gift card = free clothes. Yes, freeeeeee clothes!! Adding a couple of items to your closet won’t hurt anything. Trust me! In fact, it’ll make everything much, much better!

100 giveway with tote

PRIZES: $100 Gift Card to ShopDevour.com, tote bag, + more!!

ENTER: Like our Facebook page » click here

DETAILS: Ends 5/20/13. Giveaway is open worldwide. Winner will be chosen at random.

Good Luck ❤


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Get Real

You spied on our behind the scene images – but now you’re in for the real deal! We worked with an amazing group of girls and our go to photographer to get some great shots. All items available at SHOPDEVOUR.com shoot1

black and metallic dress1 daisy top1 pink and mesh dress3 silver pleated dress1 striped bottoms1shoot2all girl

Credits: Photographer: Jason Wood \\ Models shown from top to bottom: Rachel Johnson, Sunny Valizadeh, Sydney Wojcik, Emily Wright, Madeline Peterson, and Ally Breslin


Which outfit is your favorite??

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Behind the Scenes

On Tuesday we had a fun shoot, and if you follow us on instagram (@ShopDevour), you got to spy in on it all!! We had an amazing group of girls that rocked our new arrivals! Check out these behind the scenes shots!!

bts1 bts2 bts3 bts4 bts5 bts6 bts7 bts8 bts9


Post with final images coming soon…


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The Fav List

Quick…I bet you can’t guess #1!!

5. Fringed Vest


4. Black Floral Dress

floral dress w1

3. Collar Necklace

collar necklace1

2. Tie Dye Cropped Top

blue tie dye1

1. Leopard Backpack

leopard backpack1xx

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Spike up your life!

ear cuff heart

al ear cuffs

I just restocked our Spiked Ear Cuffs ($15) and they’re now available in gold too!! Click here to check them out.


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The End

Unless you live under a rock (it’s probably safer under there anyways), you’ve heard that today, 12/21/12, is the end of the world. I’m all for ancient cultures and doomsday prophecies, but it would really piss me off if the world truly ended today. Or, anytime soon, for that matter. I have a lot of things I want to do in my life, albeit currently blogging instead of traveling the world, opening a brick and mortar, or winning the lottery, but you get my point.

My fingers are crossed that I have some more time on this spinning sphere. But either way, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to check out “armageddon”, “apocalypse”, and “doomsday” sales. If the world ends, I won’t need cash anyways, and if it doesn’t, well I score some pretty rad threads.

Sale on.

end of the world sale





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It’s Hump Day (aka Wednesday), and while I can’t say that my day has been anything but ordinary, I can say that the date is pretty darn cool. Normally, I’m not into the whole sequential date phenomenon. How many times must I be reminded of the date on facebook?!? You know what I mean! However, this date will be an exception to the rule – for two key reasons.

1. December 12, 2012 is exactly 6 years, 6 months, 6 days from June 6, 2006, or 06/06/06

2. This is the last sequential date of the century. Correct me if I heard wrong, but this won’t happen again for 88 years. Most of us won’t be around in 88 years. So appreciate this date while you can.

And because I love glitter during the holidays so much …

glittery collage


Click here to enter our HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win a surprise gift box full of AmbryLane.com goodies!

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hg blog

Click here to enter!

Cyber Monday may be long gone, but it’s not too late to save on the things you love! Receive 25% off of your order with code holidazed. It ends 12/10/12 so be quick!!

With free shipping on orders $100+, and a free gift with orders $150+, you can’t go wrong shopping AmbryLane.com.

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Cyber Monday: 50% off + other fun deals!


50% off with code crazy50

Free US shipping on orders over $150

Cool free gift with orders over $100

Chance to win $25



Happy shopping! xo

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Deal Days – 50% off of everything!

50% off anything and everything over at AmbryLane.com! Use code crazy50 at checkout.

Click here for a list of more awesome deals like the chance to win a $25 gift card!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving – and that you spent it with family and friends! Now, enjoy the amazing deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday<3

‘Tis the season to shop ’til you drop!

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