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Summer days, Leather nights

I’ll stop talking about leather eventually, I promise*. But it’s time for me to get real with you about one of my favorite fabrics. The days are hot, and wearing clothing that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe is just a mistake. Don’t do it. You’ll sweat. A lot. There are ways, however, to rock some leather. Details, details, details. Make a note of that.

leather detail1 leather detail2 leather detail3Available at IEatClothes.com

* I may or may not keep that promise. Don’t hold it against me!


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Spike up your life!

ear cuff heart

al ear cuffs

I just restocked our Spiked Ear Cuffs ($15) and they’re now available in gold too!! Click here to check them out.


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Blogger Leona Rocks Our Double Collar Top

Fashion Blogger, Leona, sure knew how to rock the AmbryLane.com Double Collar Top! Pairing the peachy top with a black, fitted skirt, tights for warmth, cool boots, and a gorgeous black blazer, she created a look that was both classy and a little bit edgy too.

Leona’s Blog // Shop the Top


Win $100. Click here to enter our giveaway.

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It’s the little things…

Eventually studs and spikes will again be reserved for the underground punk scene, but until that day (and probably even after), I’ll be rocking the polished metal pyramids. Besides, they’re not going away anytime soon.

I mean, it’s like your clothing is accessorizing itself. In a way, it’s probably providing you with a weapon too. We’ve all seen those movies where the awkward, hopelessly-in-love guy sniffs the girl’s hair (creepy! It’s not our fault our shampoo overwhelms your scenes and shuts off your rational mind) … imagine if you simply could shrug a shoulder (embellished shoulders, anyone?) to imprint some painful spikes into the offenders cheek. I suppose there’s always another option…Shoes with studded heels would do the trick. I’m not violent, I swear… I’m just fashionably practical 😉

Click here to check out our Studded Coral Blazer

Since this post began with a .gif from Grease, it’s only fitting that we end it with one too. A guy so cool, we’d let him get close enough to figure out the scent of our shampoo… 😉

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Official Relaunch! + Kick Ass Giveaway!

As most of you know, we’ve been working on a new site design + new product line. I’m super excited to launch the new and improved AmbryLane.com! Check it out and let us know what you think<3

To celebrate our relaunch, we’re having a giveaway!! Like us on Facebook for one entry, and reblog+follow on tumblr for another. That’s a total of two chances to win our Kick Ass Studded Pumps!

If we don’t have your size, or if you’d rather not own these sweet shoes, you’ll receive a $60 AL gift card. So, what are you waiting for??

Like us on facebook to enter. Follow us on tumblr + reblog for a second entry. $60 gift card will be awarded to the winner if requested or if shoe size is no longer available. Giveaway ends 8/3/12

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Secrets might make friends

Slowly but surely, we’ll be taking our business in a new direction! We have exciting things planned, so stay tuned!! If there is anything you’ve had your eye on from our shop, grab it while you still can. We’ll be pulling A LOT of products from our shop very soon. No more vintage. No more gift items. To give you an idea… out of 91 apparel products, we’ll only be keeping 20 of them. So hurry!!

Our leather jacket is featured on the Fantasy Fashioned blog. Check it out!


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Oh, one last thing to add to your Christmas wishlist

Pretty in Punk Studded Jacket

Looking for a piece that will give you that girly, punk glam edge? Yes, I said punk glam – don’t choke on that hot pink Shirley Temple I see you sipping! I’m pretty sure your search is over for good this time. Once again, Ambry Lane has got you covered. Whether you’re rocking out at a concert, or staying in at the local coffee shop with your closest friend, this faux leather jacket will do the fashionable job.

Ferociously Fierce Romper

We all need to show our wild side sometimes. That’s just a fact of the fashionable. This romper is not only really comfortable, but it’s totally flattering! I thought I couldn’t pull off high waisted articles of clothing, but boy…this romper proved me wrong! I can picture this being dressed for winter – paired with tights, wedges, and a cardigan- or for summer – paired with nothing else at all but some cute sandals.

Oh, and don’t forget that the post offices around the world are being flooded with Christmas gifts right about now! Please take note of our holiday shipping schedule. Of course, this is just us being SAFE. We hope that you receive your items far before these estimated lengths of times, but once we leave your package at the post office, it’s out of our hands!


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