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At least I never…

harlem shake#truedat

high fashionBodysuit & Harness Skirt @ ShopDevour.com

Today’s weather is pretty chill. The sun is sipping margaritas between flipping through pages of the latest Vogue. In other words, he’s hiding his fabulous self and letting the clouds and wind come out to play. While I don’t particularly mind, I do wish the summer was a little warmer so I could have more days spent by (or in) the pool! Oh well!


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Summer Lovin

We have a shoot coming up, and these images are keeping me inspired! Right now I’m all about deathly hot summer days… which is easy to do when it’s not actually deathly hot outside. The warmer weather means blue tongues (otter pops anyone?), underwater pictures, sunburns, eating tons of roasted marshmallows, concert hopping, falling asleep outside after a long night of stargazing, and wearing minimal but super cool clothing. Maybe this year my tan will stick with me through winter. I doubt it.

cool-cute-edgy-fashion-Favim.com-651963 tumblr_m6i0muSTvJ1rxv8wqo1_500 tumblr_miqyavBuLq1r4d009o1_500 tumblr_mk0djpKLgr1qe5dabo1_500 tumblr_mkfssjdsGP1rvmvvao1_500 tumblr_mlesz0uTOd1rt3i19o1_500 tumblr_m937g9YvYz1qbq492o1_1280 tumblr_mhr3fectQb1r87tneo1_1280 tumblr_mkpew5545H1qk2tu5o1_500


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A Spring Thing: Blue

I’m excited for the summer – ice cold lemonade, tanning by the pool, sleeping under the stars, and wearing hella cool (no pun intended) clothing. But I loathe the heat. It makes me wilt like a dying flower and melt like the wicked witch. Spring is a very happy in-between, and for that, I won’t be ticked off when the sun decides to shine a little longer. But just like the warm waters I’ll be treading in, I’m going to rock blue until you make me stop.

blue collage

It’s the season of Robin’s Egg Blue – which is quite fitting being that it’s Spring. Whether you opt for a blue shoe, or get an awesome manicure, you can’t, and won’t, go wrong.

The striped bottoms and daisy lace top in the photo above will be available soon so keep an eye out!


PS; We’re in the process of changing our name!! Previously AmbryLane. LIKE our new Facebook page to stay updated! CLICK HERE


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Trending: Big Sunnies

The sun is creeping out from behind the clouds, and you can be sure that summer is right around the corner to melt your cold heart and icy stare. We can’t guarantee it, but I bet a smile might even grace that sour face of yours while you run rampant through the crystal waters of your freshly chlorinated pool. In case you find yourself with a flopped frown, and the sun’s glare in your irises, hang some over-sized sunnies on your nose and go with the flow. Just try not to melt.

sunnies8 sunnies7 sunnies6 sunnies5 sunnies4 sunnies3 sunnies2 sunnies1 sunnies9


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Get Combative

Everyone knows that a little black dress (lbd) is an important staple in your wardrobe, along with a pair of comfy heels, a cute cardigan, a fitted blazer, and a great pair of jeans. But did you know that having the right pair of boots is equally as important?? I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t wear my scuffed combat boots all of the time, and I mean all. of. the. time. I even threw them on with a sparkly dress during the holidays!! A little bit of casual, and a dash of rebellion, never hurt anyone.

combat boots

How you do it (click through for source):




And is it really too much to ask that our boyfriends dress as cool as we do? I mean, these boots aren’t only for the ladies. Step it up guys!



So next time you’re shopping for shoes, don’t forget to grab a pair of classic combat boots. Don’t. Forget.

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10 reasons why we love summer

1. Cute Up-Dos

2. Sun Kissed Glow

3. Lemonade (&other cute drinks)

4. Camping by the lake

5. Summer Fashion (Denim shorts, high-low skirts, tank tops, dresses, open toe shoes)

6. Swimming & Floaties

7. Ice Cream & Smoothies

8. S’mores and Bonfires

9. Music Festivals

10. Otter Pops

I like that 4 out of 10 reasons have to do with food and drinks. That’s just how we do!!

Why do you love summer?

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Impromptu Trips

When there’s no time to plan, and you’re needing a quick fix of adventure, impromptu trips are the way to go!

Just this last week, my boyfriend suggested that we drive to the lake. Knowing that the sun light was going to disappear quickly, we rushed to gather items to bring with us. After our mad dash, an idea donned on me: keep an “impromptu bag” ready at all times.

This summer, keep a bag with a towel, sunscreen, a water bottle, sun glasses, and a bathing suit. This way, you can grab it and go!

Here are some cute beach/lake/pool looks to keep you inspired!

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Summer is knocking

Here’s some midweek inspiration to get you over the hump! These sweet summer photos with their soft hues will brighten up your day.

Looking at inspiring photography when you’re in a blahhh mood really helps. You’ll see the world in a different, much more beautiful light when you surround that mind of yours with pretty images. Plus, you can easily take themes or color schemes and integrate them into your wardrobe! Inspiration is everywhere, and with the internet being a click away, there’s no excuse to not sparking your creativity!

So, happy hump day!! <<Hump day meaning Wednesday of course!! 😉


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Spring Trend: Flowers DIY

This spring, you’ll probably see the occasional gal rockin’ shoes with flowers entwined in the laces. It’s a MUST DO if you want that perfect summer look. Not only will it add a pop of color to your outfit, but it’ll be super cute too!

What you’ll need:

  • cute shoes
  • flowers (fake or fresh)
  • tape (optional)

I choose to use fresh flowers, but if you want to wear your floral embellished shoes all summer long, you should probably opt for some pretty fake petals. It was extremely difficult to find blooming flowers around my neighborhood during this time of year (I managed to find the ones pictured below), so if you are set on using fresh flowers, take a trip to the local grocery store or florist.

When cutting your flowers, make sure to leave enough of the stem to intertwine with the laces. You may strategically place tape so that the stems are secured to the shoe. Make sure it doesn’t show though!

Remember, your shoes do NOT have to be symmetrical. A little asymmetry creates a chic look that screams “I didn’t try too hard!”

Other examples:

Happy flower hunting<3

PS; You can still receive 20% off of your entire order at AmbryLane.com with code march20

PPS; Check out what Kaelah @ KaelahBee.com said about Ambry Lane on her Things I Love Thursday post.

Totally happy to be in this week’s list of things she loves!

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A little spring to brighten up this rainy day!

I’ve been leaking these photos like crazy, so you’ve probably seen one or two in the past few months. The Ambry Lane Spring/Summer 2012 collection is titled Siren Ashore. The theme is Mermaids. Not any mermaid, mind you. The kind of mermaids we have here are the sirens that have come ashore, ready to conquer the men of the land rather than the men traveling the seas. Watch out ladies, girls adorned in Siren Ashore wear are definitely getting the guy. This edgy collection includes some fun items, that’s for sure!

This collection is High End, edgy, care free, and completely fit for any daring siren. With our studded leather jacket (previously released), fox tails, fringed vests, sheer tops, and more… you can tell it’s going to be a fun summer!

Siren Ashore…Coming soon to AmbryLane.com


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