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A Kiss of Fall

Dark lipstick can be a total contradiction. It’s vibrant, yet subtle. Bold, yet soft. The combination of these ideas don’t make sense together, yet they do! Before I confuse you any further, let’s get one thing straight – a dark lip is a definite MUST for the cooler seasons!

No matter your complexion, skin tone, lip shape, or style, a dark lipstick will look great on you. For pale lipped girls (I’m guilty of being a chapstick only type of girl myself), this will be a change that may take some getting used to. But Fall is full of changes, so go with it!

Here’s your inspiration. Now go grab a tube of plum lipstick goodness!

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All your favorites…


2013 sale



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Get Combative

Everyone knows that a little black dress (lbd) is an important staple in your wardrobe, along with a pair of comfy heels, a cute cardigan, a fitted blazer, and a great pair of jeans. But did you know that having the right pair of boots is equally as important?? I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t wear my scuffed combat boots all of the time, and I mean all. of. the. time. I even threw them on with a sparkly dress during the holidays!! A little bit of casual, and a dash of rebellion, never hurt anyone.

combat boots

How you do it (click through for source):




And is it really too much to ask that our boyfriends dress as cool as we do? I mean, these boots aren’t only for the ladies. Step it up guys!



So next time you’re shopping for shoes, don’t forget to grab a pair of classic combat boots. Don’t. Forget.

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Inspiration: Fall/Winter Holiday Wear

Say no to the whole red+green color scheme, and say hell no to ugly,  poor fitted Christmas sweaters. The big holidays are coming – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years – and that means it’s time to get festive. Think fancy things… pearls, velvet, silk, faux furs and leathers, sequins, glitter, metallics, etc. Think dreamy hues, pastel colors, visually pleasing textures, shimmery fabrics, etc.

Sequin Dress – $37

This holiday season, it’s okay to be sweet, innocent, and feminine. Feel free to toss in black leathers and massive heels … because we can’t always be sweet;)



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Trending: Contrasting Collars

For those of you that adore collared tops, we’re happy to say that they’ll be making appearances all autumn long. To keep this trend fresh and up to date, only one thing has to change – make the collar a different color than the shirt itself! Easy peasy, right??!!

Keep it simple. A contrasting collar acts as an accessory, so there’s no need to add a necklace! But you can purchase detachable collars or collar necklaces to achieve the same look, on any shirt, at any time! Would you go for the separate collar? Or the sewn on collar?

Collar Necklace (click here to shop)

Double Collar Top (click here to shop – currently on sale for $27 – will show in cart)



Win $100. Click here to enter our giveaway.


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Cutest way to combat the cold!

Did you know that losing body heat faster through your head than any other body part is a myth? I didn’t until I just looked it up (click here to check out the details). I lived in the mountains for 4 months last year, and in my experience, hands feel the cold the most. I mean, I’d walk outside and BOOM… my fingers were numb! Thankfully I had an adorable animal hood to keep me toasty and warm. The best part(s)? Cute animal on my head, warm pockets for my fingers, and a scarf for my neck. Perfect if you ask me!

Every year we sell out of our animal hoods, so get yours while you can<3

Black Bear | Panda | Leopard

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Cooler weather demands a cooler you!

Fall is slowly creeping over, leaving a nice sheen of mist over my car, and causing me to break out that extra blanket at night. While the season is my favorite, transforming my everyday mundane scenery into a mystic land full of evening fog, fiery leaves, and glistening streets sprinkled with midnight rain, the fashion is what really gets me going. This autumn season, it’s time to channel something so 20 years ago… 90’s grunge – meets 2012.

Think denim, plaid, leather, boots, crushed velvet, candy colors, slouchy and oversized knits, cool beanies, layered everything, but most importantly… encompass the confidence that came with this movement – You don’t have to follow the norm. You don’t have to be boring. You can create, break out from the pack, follow your dreams, and do what makes you happy.

Gear up and get ready for the cooler weather in a way that will have the icons of our past green with envy<3

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Don’t Be a Knitwit

Obviously as the cooler weather sneaks in, sweaters will be trending in full force. You don’t have to wear knit in the obvious way. Slap a sweater over a summer romper or dress.  Add touches of knit to your outfit like a scarf or head band. Or, opt for a top that pairs knit with another fabric for a chic, fun vibe. However you wear it, just remember to never sweater the small stuff! 😉

The wait is over – our favorite knits are now in stock! Click for the Peach and Knit Top. Click for the Spiked Cable Knit.


Special thanks to Jason Wood of Take One Presents, and models Olga Grigorov, and Frances Tomei. A post featuring images from our latest shoot will be up soon!

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Fringing stuff up

This autumn season, nothing screams laid back & bad ass like some fringe. Don’t worry -hippies & the wild west are a thing of the past, and you can’t go wrong rockin’ this trend. Have fun…and fringe sh*t up while you’re at it!!

Click here to check out this Fringed Vest

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Fall/Winter 2012 Trends: The Quick Guide

We’ve compiled the major, upcoming 2012 Fall/Winter trends in hopes that you’ll be inspired for the cooler seasons. Start wishing for that hot chocolate -by -the -fire -weather!

Baroque (click here to read full post)

Capes and Cloaks (click here to read full post)

Red (click here to read full post)

School Girl Chic (click here to read full post)


Oriental Vibes


Which trend can you picture yourself rockin’ this fall season?

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